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like a Woodsman.

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like a Woodsman.

See our fires
like a Woodsman.
See our fires

Feeling real.

Each wood burner is ergonomically designed to be easy to light
and clean, offering an elegant home heating solution that is not
only high performance, but also low impact, being the epitome
of sustainability with a carbon neutral footprint. Yes, really.

Real feeling.

Woodsman fires make you feel at home. Creating the
comforting glow of an energy efficient wood burner that
runs with a pleasant, even temperature emanating from
an expertly crafted design suitable for any Kiwi home.

Serene Petite S Serene Petite
Serene Petite
Kanaku S Kanaku
Serene S Serene
Coleridge S Coleridge
Flare S Flare
Tasman Mk II S Tasman Mk II
Tasman MkII
Tarras Mk III S Tarras Mk III
Tarras MkIII
Brunner Mk II S Brunner
Brunner MkII
Totara S Totara
ULEB Fires

The new

Enjoy the traditional comfort of a log fire with the benefit of sustained burn technology, heating your home to a pleasant, even temperature. Feel more fire power from each piece of wood.
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Calculate which Woodsman is right for your space.

This simple three step process will help you identify the Woodsman fires that are ideal for your home using Harris Home Fires’ proven calculation system.
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and carbon neutral.

New Zealand has some of the strictest clean air standards in the world. Every Woodsman fire outperforms the testing standards for emissions meaning there is a Woodsman that fits the clean air profile for New Zealand homes in any region.
Sustainable home heating
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Hand crafted in
New Zealand since

Family history.
A real legacy.

Woodsman wood burners are designed and hand crafted in New Zealand by Harris Home Fires. We’ve been warming Kiwi homes since 1887. A real family business that spans generations, we remain committed to handcrafting your Woodsman fire to the most exacting standards, using generations of collected experience to deliver outstanding craftsmanship.
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Made by hand.
Feel the quality.

High impact ceramic glass, mild steel, hand crafted welding — words you never see on a heat pump brochure. A Woodsman is an addition to a home that brings value not just today, but also for years and years to come. Your new Woodsman is built to last both in the way it looks and the way it runs. When you see one up close you can literally feel the quality.
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