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New Zealand made. Feel the quality.

High impact ceramic glass, mild steel, hand crafted welding — words you never see on a heat pump brochure. A Woodsman is an addition to a home that brings value not just today, but also for years and years to come. Your new Woodsman is built to last both in the way it looks and the way it runs. When you see one up close you can literally feel the quality.

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Robust ceramic glass
Highest quality glass supplied by SCHOTT ROBAX®, leaders in fireplace glass.

New Zealand Made Mild steel
6-8mm steel plate used for high construction strength and ultimate firebox longevity.

Tough fire bricks
Long lasting, compressed Vermiculite SKAMOLEX™ fire bricks, designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

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Long lasting parts
Use of only the best materials to ensure maximum life of consumable parts.

Feel warm inside.

Heating your home to a pleasant, even temperature, and supporting a real Kiwi made product.
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Hand crafted in
New Zealand since

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and carbon neutral.

Sustainable Home heating
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