The Woodsman Serene is Canterbury’s best selling wood fire.

A testament to the burner's exceptional performance and popularity among homeowners in the region.

Cantabrians have caught on and here’s why.

Over the last four years, the Woodsman Serene ultra-low emission burner has become the best selling wood fire in Canterbury, New Zealand. Why is the Woodsman Serene special?

  • The Woodsman Serene is a wood burner that has advanced combustion techniques and improved filtration systems to seriously reduce emissions. This makes it a highly efficient and environmentally friendly option for heating your Canterbury home.
  • One of the main reasons for the burner's success, is its ability to meet Environment Canterbury’s Ultra Low Emission Burner standard (ULEB) and the National Environmental Standard for Air Quality (NESAQ) guidelines. This is important to Cantabrians, who use wood burners regularly, where air quality can be affected by high levels of particulate matter.
Serene cover image
  • The Woodsman Serene also has a modern design that complements your home. It's easy to operate and maintain, which makes it a practical choice for households.
  • What also adds to the popularity is its affordability. The Woodsman Serene was also the first ULEB to achieve the strict clean air standard, without using expensive and complicated mechanisms. For example catalytic combustors or down draft chambers, which are costly to maintain and difficult to operate.

The Woodsman Serene has been well-received by the honest locals of Canterbury. It’s become a popular, word-of-mouth suggestion and for good reason. Learn more about the Serene and find New Zealand stockists.